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December, 2011:

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season!

P.S. Sugar coma preventing you from reaching for the remote? Someone uploaded Sparks on YouTube. You can watch it here.

Eric on Eight Is Enough

Okay, this would be one of those TV appearances that are very hard to find.

eric stoltz,eight is enoughEric made an appearance on Eight Is Enough in episode 4.27, “Grad Night,” which aired in April 1980.

Season four hasn’t been released on DVD, and the episodes are not available on YouTube,, and similar sites, but someone finally uploaded a bunch of episodes just the other day and “Grad Night” is one of them:

P.S. If anyone has a problem with this, kindly take it up with Rapidshare and Filesonic. I’m not hosting the episodes, just indexing content available elsewhere, for educational purposes only.