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Boston Legal

3.13 Dumping Bella

Denny takes Bella’s case against an animal rights group opposed to her cosmetic testing procedures, and her daughter Bethany is opposing counsel. And at the same time, Denny wants to dump Bella because he’s still in love with Bethany.

WRITTEN BY: David E. Kelley (story, teleplay), Michael Reisz (story), Sanford Golden (story), Karen Wyscarver (story)
AIR DATE: January 30, 2007

4.06 The Object of My Affection

Denny gets in hot water when he fires a lawyer who rejected his sexual advances because she is too fat. Meanwhile, Jerry defends a woman in a case involving “objectophilia.”

WRITTEN BY: Corinne Brinkerhoff, David E. Kelley
AIR DATE: November 6, 2007