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The Rocking Horse Winner (1997)

The Rocking Horse Winner is a short film based on D.H. Lawrence’s story, adapted for the screen and directed by Michael Almereyda. It won the Golden Starfish Award for Best Short at the 1997 Hamptons International Film Festival, and was released as an extra on the DVD of the 1950 feature of the same name in 2002.


A gambler comes to live with his sister and discovers his young nephew has a partnership with the gardener. By riding on his rocking horse, the boy is able to predict the winner of horse races. He gives the gardener the name of the winning horse, and the gardener bets money on it for the both of them. The uncle gets in on this action by taking the boy to the races and getting the names of the winning horses, too. Meanwhile, the boy’s mother becomes more and more desperate for money, making the boy all the more frantic to predict the winners.


Jesse Forrestal (Jesse), Eric Stoltz (Uncle Joe), Paula Malcomson (Jesse’s mother), Walter Benitez (Joe the gardener)

RUNTIME: 23 min.

DVD ON AMAZON: The Rocking Horse Winner


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