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The Prophecy (1995)

the prophecy,god's army,movie posterThe Prophecy (or God’s Army) is a supernatural horror/thriller written and directed by Gregory Widen. The film opened in September 1995, was successful at the box office, and spawned four sequels. It was first released on DVD in February 1999.


Angels come to Earth to find a human soul that can end the war in heaven. Humans are caught up in this battle and must find a way to stop the angel Gabriel before he takes the soul back from where the angel Simon has hidden it.


Elias Koteas, Virginia Madsen, Christopher Walken, Viggo Mortensen, Eric Stoltz, Amanda Plummer, Moriah ‘Shining Dove’ Snyder, Adam Goldberg

DVD ON AMAZON: The Prophecy (1999), The Prophecy (2011)



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