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Greasy Lake (1988)

Greasy Lake is a short film, written and directed by Damian Harris, and based on a short story by T. Coraghesson Boyle.

It was released on a VHS called “The Discovery Program: Short Stories” along with three other films.


TC (Eric Stoltz) and his friends Digby (James Spader) and Jeff (Tegan West) are intelligent 19-year-olds who have, in TC’s words, decided that “it’s good to be bad”. One night, TC “borrows” his mother’s car and the trio head off to Greasy Lake, in order to drink, smoke dope, look out for naked women and maybe cause a very small amount of trouble. They find themselves in hot water.

CAST: James Spader (Digby), Eric Stoltz (T.C.), Tegan West (Jeff)

VHS ON AMAZON: Discovery Program: Four Short Stories (Ray’s Male Heterosexual Dancehall/Greasy Lake/Hearts of Stone/The Open Window) [VHS]


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