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Fallen Angels (1995)

fallen angels,perfect crimesFallen Angels is a neo-noir crime series that aired on Showtime from August 1993 to December 1995.

Eric appeared in the second season as an ambitious young detective trying to catch a serial killer who was targeting dancers. Richard Portnow played his partner and Jennifer Grey starred as a dancer who knew one of the victims.

The second season of the show was released in several volumes under the title ‘Perfect Crimes’ in Europe and Australia. “A Dime a Dance” is included in Vol. 3.

In the United States, only the first season was released in a two-volume VHS set.

Fallen Angels 2.03 A Dime a Dance


eric stoltz,perfect cimres,fallen angels,jennifer greyA police detective investigates the untimely death of a nightclub dancer at a local hang-out but his investigation is called off by the police brass. The problem: the killer is still on the loose.


Jennifer Grey (Ginger Allen), Eric Stoltz (Nick Ballestier), Richard Portnow (Jack Malkov), Wayne Grace (Pat Marino), Douglas Roberts (Jack Chieseman), Estelle Harris (Mom Henderson), L.B. Straten (Julie)

WRITTEN BY: Allan Scott (teleplay), Cornell Woolrich (short story, “The Dancing Detective”)

eric stoltz,richard portnow,fallen angelsDIRECTED BY: Peter Bogdanovich

AIR DATE: October 22, 1995

DVD ON AMAZON: Perfect Crimes III [Region 2 DVD – Europe], Perfect Crimes Vol. 3 ( Fallen Angels ) (A Dime a Dance / Good Housekeeping / The Black Bargain) [NON-USA FORMAT, PAL, Reg.0]