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Killing Time (1984)

killing timeKilling Time is a short film written by Dennis Etchison and directed by Damian Harris. It is based on Etchison’s short story “The Late Shift.”

The film was released on VHS as the third part of “Stephen King’s Nightshift Collection.”

It is available on a DVD called The Night of the Crow (without the English audio track) in Germany and Contes macabres in France.


A cartoonist has trouble getting his stories sold. As he goes off searching for a new tale to tell, it gets more and more difficult for him to differ from what is real, and what is just a part of his story.


eric stoltz,killing time,short filmStephen Nichols (Macklin), Del Zamora (Whitey), Eric Stoltz (Stop N Start Manager), Leslie Morris (Kessler), Michel Simms (Strip Club Manager), Danna Garen (Eileen), Arvid Holmberg (Doctor), Dennis Etchison (MD), Warren-Stiles Young (Driver), Carmen Bohn (Dancer), Kendall Kirk (Boots), Wayne Dadio (Male Nurse), Ronald Williams (Gloves)

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