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Close to Home (2007)

eric stoltz,close to home,bruce davisonEric appeared in three episodes of Close to Home in 2007, in the show’s second (and last) season. He played Det. Chris Veeder, a dirty cop.

Bruce Davison played his lawyer and Joanna Going guest starred as his wife.


2.20 Drink the Cup

WRITTEN BY: Tom Smuts, Jim Leonard (creator)
DIRECTED BY: Christopher Leitch
AIR DATE: April 27, 2007

While prosecuting a drug dealer who’s accused of murdering a police officer, Annabeth (Jennifer Finnigan) uncovers a ring of corrupt cops. Meanwhile, Conlon (David James Elliott) hires a campaign manager (Jonathan Silverman) to help with his bid for attorney general.

2.21 Fall from Grace

WRITTEN BY: Antoinette Stella
DIRECTED BY: Jeffrey G. Hunt
AIR DATE: May 4, 2007

Annabeth prosecutes Veeder with another murder, and increases the risk to her, the office, and the evidence. The case against the man is harmed when a key witness is found dead.

2.22 Eminent Domain

WRITTEN BY: Eric Overmyer (teleplay), Leo Geter (story), Tom Smuts (story), Jim Leonard (creator)
DIRECTED BY: Matt Earl Beesley
AIR DATE: May 11, 2007

The battle against police corruption by the DA’s office turns deadly when one of its own is murdered.