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Sparks (2009)

sparks,short film,carla guginoSparks is a short film, adapted from a short story by Elmore Leonard and directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who also wrote the script, and edited and scored the film.

SYNOPSIS (from the Palm Springs Film Festival):

In this deliciously tart adaptation of a short story by Elmore Leonard, a beautiful young widow’s hilltop mansion has just burned to the ground, and a very savvy insurance investigator (Stoltz) shows up at her home to interview her about the blaze. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (“3rd Rock from the Sun”) makes a dazzling directorial debut with this taut cat-and-mouse game played out by two equal adversaries.

eric stoltz,sparks,carla guginoSparks premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2009. It was released on a DVD compilation of short films, Wholphin Issue 9 (Short Films) (link to Amazon), in November 2009.

CAST: Carla Gugino (Robin), Eric Stoltz (Joseph), Xander Berkeley (Sid Harris), Elizabeth Clemmons (Canavan’s wife)

RUNTIME: 24 min.



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