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Private Practice

Eric has directed four episodes pf Private Practice: “Do the Right Thing,” “Eyes Wide Open,” “War,” and “If You Don’t Know Me by Now.”

2.20 Do the Right Thing

Even though they refuse to do anything about it, the sexual tension still exists between Addison and Noah. A mother of one of Cooper’s patients wishes for her daughter to be put on birth control pills, even though the child is only twelve. Dell’s personal life begins to affect his work, while Violet feels pangs of jealousy when Pete begins to pay attention to a single mother.

WRITTEN BY: Craig Turk
AIR DATE: March 26, 2009

3.19 Eyes Wide Open

When famed neurosurgeon Dr. Ginsberg and her team pay a visit to St. Ambrose to save the life of Kayla, Addison is shocked to see Amelia Shepherd – Derek’s younger sister on the team. But Amelia’s presence causes strife between Addison, Sam and Pete when she claims she can save Kayla’s life after Dr. Ginsberg declares nothing can be done. Meanwhile Charlotte seeks from Cooper’s with a sex education seminar for the elderly that only leads to more tension between the two, as they try to figure out how to work together.

WRITTEN BY: Jesse Zigelstein
AIR DATE: April 1, 2010

3.21 War

After Violet files for joint custody of Lucas, an embittered Pete voraciously fights back by hiring a tough attorney for the trial, forcing their fellow friends and co-workers to choose sides and have their personal lives dragged onto the stand and into the public eye.

WRITTEN BY: Elizabeth Klaviter, Sonay Washington
AIR DATE: April 29, 2010

4.11 If You Don’t Know Me by Now

Addison’s mother, Bizzy, aggressively demands her daughter do whatever it takes to save her partner from dying – including working with Dr. Rodriguez once again. Meanwhile Amelia and Pete’s medical consultation is complicated when a patient’s wife and his mistress disagree on the course of treatment, Charlotte and Cooper try to be intimate with each other again, and Violet considers publishing a personally-revealing book she’s written.

WRITTEN BY: Zahir McGhee
AIR DATE: January 6, 2011