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Glee tonight

Just a reminder that Eric’s latest episode of Glee, “Guilty Pleasures,” airs tonight at 9/8c.


New NY Times article & more Glee

You can read the whole article here.

ABC's "Nashville" - Season OneAlthough Stoltz occasionally acts when a project is right or a good friend is involved, he describes his relationship to that part of his life as an “amicable parting.” He enjoys directing, he said, in part because it gives him a chance to do for other actors what he wished more directors had done for him. “I try to have fun and play with the actors and try to make discoveries without hiding behind video monitors. Usually, the director hides so as not to have to speak to the actors. Occasionally they’ll bark out something like, ‘Faster!’ Or, ‘Can you pick up the pace?’ ”

Matthew Morrison, who plays Will Schuester (a k a Mr. Schue) on “Glee,” said he appreciated that Stoltz never assumed, as many directors do, that he was undirectable, simply because he is No. 1 on the call sheet. “It frustrates me when they’re scared to direct you,” Morrison said. “He knows what he wants, and he’ll get it out of you. But once he has it, he’ll say, ‘Let’s do one more take, and you do what you want to do.’ And then maybe he’ll see something in that take, and say, ‘O.K., now we need to do more with some of that flavor.’ It’s about deepening the scene.”

Eric Stoltz and Chris Colfer - Glee 4.17And Eric is back working on Glee.

A couple of pics from the set showed up on Twitter and Instagram in the last couple of days – pic 1, pic 2.

If the IMDB is anything to go by, he is working on episode 4.17, which airs on March 21.

Glee behind the scenes: “Makeover”

You’ll like this one:

Glee BTS pics – “Makeover”

Nabbed from here.

eric stoltz directing glee,lea michele

eric stoltz,glee,director,matt morrison

Glee tonight

Eric directed tonight’s episode of Glee, “Makeover.” It airs at 9pm on Fox. Sarah Jessica Parker guest stars.

Here is a preview:

Filming Glee in New York

If the source is correct, the photo is from earlier today (Aug. 11). I nabbed it from FY Glee Cast.

glee filming,glee set

Glee set photos

From “Prom-asaurus:”

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