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Nashville BTS photos

with Hayden Panettiere on the set of Nashville. on TwitpicEric’s episode of Nashville aired yesterday. He posted a BTS photo with Hayden Panettiere on Twitpic.

If you missed the episode, it’s available on Hulu.

NY Times has this little story from the set:

The next morning, Britton had been dressed and styled and generally transformed for the part of Rayna Jaymes. Her black tank sparkled, her eyelids glimmered and her red hair, around her shoulders, was doing the usual shining and flowing. That day she was shooting a scene in which Jaymes, reeling from bad news about her marriage, performs before an arena crowd. Britton, in five-inch heels, strutted, in character, on a narrow stage, only to trip on a piece of track that someone had laid down for a camera and nearly fall five feet off the platform. She let out an odd, loud noise — the vocal equivalent of someone’s hand smashing a bunch of piano keys — then righted herself and gasped a nervous laugh; the extras laughed back. Rattled, Britton walked off the set, headed to a drafty hallway that served as backstage and cried.

A few minutes later, the director, Eric Stoltz (the same Eric Stoltz who starred in “Mask” and “Pulp Fiction”), wandered backstage, trying to determine what was holding up the shot. He found Britton, an old friend, still weepy from her close call. Britton was expecting some sympathy, but Stoltz saw something he thought he could use. Let’s do it again, he told her. Britton fixed on him a look her fans know well: wide-eyed, wary disbelief.

“She was fighting back tears, which was more interesting,” Stoltz said after he got the scene he wanted.

Britton’s take: “Sometimes my favorite directors are the ones I literally want to punch in the nose.”

And here are a few more pics:

Glee BTS pics – “Makeover”

Nabbed from here.

eric stoltz directing glee,lea michele

eric stoltz,glee,director,matt morrison

Filming Glee in New York

If the source is correct, the photo is from earlier today (Aug. 11). I nabbed it from FY Glee Cast.

glee filming,glee set

Glee set photos

From “Prom-asaurus:”

eric stoltz,glee,promasaurus

Glee set photos (“Big Brother”)

These showed up on the official Glee Tumblr earlier:

eric stoltz,chord overstreet,glee bts

eric stoltz,glee

eric stoltz,directing,big brother

New Glee set pics

A few new pics from the Glee set showed up on the Glee Zone blog today. Check them out here.

And this one is from Lea Michele:

eric stoltz,glee,big brother,darren criss,harry shum,matt morrison

Updates: Californication & Glee

Eric is directing Glee 3.15, “Big Brother” (see source). The show is going on an extended break after regionals (Feb. 21), so the episode won’t air until April 10. And speaking of regionals, an extra who worked on that episode (3.14) mentioned being directed by Eric last week, so either he was lost on the set that day or does more work on the show than the credits let on.

“Big Brother” was written by Michael Hitchcock. Matt Bomer from White Collar will guest star as Blaine’s older brother and there will be at least two Duran Duran songs in the episode (says TV Line).

And Californication 5.06 “Love Song” airs tonight at 10:30 pm ET on Showtime. Eric’s FB fans found two photos from the set last week, and at least one TV site posted them along with all the other promotional stills from the episode. He probably doesn’t make an appearance, though. Here is the teaser: