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February, 2012:

Fort McCoy at Glasgow Film Festival

Fort McCoy will be shown at the Glasgow Film Festival today at 17:50 h. Kate Connor will be there for a Q&A. Details and tickets here.

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New Glee set pics

A few new pics from the Glee set showed up on the Glee Zone blog today. Check them out here.

And this one is from Lea Michele:

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Fort McCoy at Jameson Dublin Film Festival tonight

Fort McCoy will be screened at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival tonight. If you are in the area, you can get tickets here.

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Updates: Californication & Glee

Eric is directing Glee 3.15, “Big Brother” (see source). The show is going on an extended break after regionals (Feb. 21), so the episode won’t air until April 10. And speaking of regionals, an extra who worked on that episode (3.14) mentioned being directed by Eric last week, so either he was lost on the set that day or does more work on the show than the credits let on.

“Big Brother” was written by Michael Hitchcock. Matt Bomer from White Collar will guest star as Blaine’s older brother and there will be at least two Duran Duran songs in the episode (says TV Line).

And Californication 5.06 “Love Song” airs tonight at 10:30 pm ET on Showtime. Eric’s FB fans found two photos from the set last week, and at least one TV site posted them along with all the other promotional stills from the episode. He probably doesn’t make an appearance, though. Here is the teaser: