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December, 2012:

Made in Jersey tonight

No stills or previews out there, so just a reminder that Eric guest stars on Made in Jersey tonight in the episode that airs at 8 pm and he directed the one that airs at 9 pm.

eric stoltz,made in jerseyThe Farm – 8 pm, CBS

A young woman leaves rehab to join a cult, and Martina represents her concerned parents. Meanwhile, Tommy spreads an ugly rumor about how Martina gained employment at her prestigious law firm.

Guest Cast: Enver Gjokaj, Noelle Beck, Eric Stoltz, Lisa Tharps, Michael Cumpsty, Jonathan Walker, Stephen Spinella, David Fonteno

Ridgewell – 9 pm, CBS

Martina must testify against her own client, an angry father who assaulted the CEO of a chemical company he blames for making his daughter ill. Elsewhere, Darlene quits her job and begins voicing her opinion more.

Guest Cast: James Rebhorn, Chris Kies, John Ventimiglia, Jessica Blank, Elaine Bromka, Michael Kostroff, Donna Murphy, David Aaron Baker, Anastasia Barzee, Enver Gjokaj

Made in Jersey air date

Both episodes will air on Saturday, Dec. 29. That’s next week.

“The Farm,” with Eric guest starring, will air at 8 pm, and “Ridgewell,” which he directed, will be on at 9 pm.

Made in Jersey schedule