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Glee – Mash Off: behind the slap

If your reaction to the previous clip was, “What, no slap?” this is the one for you – no Eric in the video, but Cory and Naya sure mention him a lot:

Glee behind the scenes – the dodgeball war

The morning after clip:

Glee preview

Glee 3.06 “Mash Off” airs tonight at 8 pm on Fox. Eric linked to this clip on Twitter yesterday – it’s the show’s 300th song:

Eric signs with The Department of the 4th Dimension

Eric has a new job. There is a press release at Shoot Online today that says he has joined the production company The Department of the 4th Dimension full time and is developing a “comedy-dialogue driven project encompassing both spots and web content.”

Not entirely sure what this has to do with Glee, but here is the release (they have his comedy reel on, too):

‘Glee’ Finds The Department of The 4th Dimension

LOS ANGELES, November 09, 2011 | SHOOT Publicity Wire | — Production and design studio The Department of The 4th Dimension (The D4D) today announced the addition of director Eric Stoltz to the company’s roster.

New Glee set photo & two new clips from the Pulp Fiction Blu-ray

Jenna Ushkowitz posted this photo from the set yesterday:

eric stoltz,glee,directing

And two more clips from the Pulp Fiction Blu-ray showed up this week. You can find the first one on Facebook. Here is the second one:

Updates: Glee, Sparks, Fort McCoy

Here is another photo from the set of Glee 3.01, nabbed from Facebook:

eric stoltz directing glee

Sparks is getting re-released in a new anthology, “HitRECord Recollection, Volume 1.”

The handsome, 8 ¼-by-8¼-inch cloth-bound book — from New Video Group — contains two discs of digital entertainment, including 36 collaboratively made short-form live-action and animated films, music videos and “tiny stories.” They’ve been submitted by members of the artistic community, which claims 40,000-plus contributors.

eric stoltz,sparksArtistically, they run the gamut from highly entertaining and innovative, to slight and overly precious. The sketches and drawings can be wildly imaginative and intricately rendered, or delightfully childlike and amusing. In any case, nothing lasts long enough to overstay its welcome. By far, the longest piece, “Sparks,” clocks in at 23 minutes, but the presence of sexy Carla Gugino, Xander Berkely and ever-ready Eric Stoltz makes it seem shorter. As JOE, Gordon-Levitt adapted the screenplay from a short story by Elmore Leonard and directed it. — Movie City News

And Eric wasn’t at the Boston Film Festival, but Kate Connor and Andy Hirsch were. Production Live Online has posted an interview with them. Not the best audio ever, but I don’t think we’ve seen the poster yet:

Another Glee video: behind the food fight

This one showed up in Fox Broadcasting’s YouTube stream today: