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New interview with Eric (Den of Geek)

Den of Geek has a new interview with Eric. He mostly talks about Caprica. You can read it here.

It’s a shame to do it, but I suspect it works better to go from back to front here. Where were you when you heard about the Caprica cancellation? Did you fear it was coming?

I have no idea where I was – that was months ago. But yes, the fear of cancellation was always hanging over us like the sword of Damocles. We’d gotten used to it. In a way it sort of fueled us on.

What have you thought of the reaction to the show getting cancelled? Do you fear for the future of such intricate drama?

I’m blissfully unaware of any reaction at all, but I’m always a little afraid for the future of anything out of the ordinary.

How far ahead did you know your character’s arc? And of the narrative of the show itself?

Well, it was just finding its legs, so in the beginning we were finding out what worked and what didn’t on a day by day basis. Then, for the second half of the season, we had a longer lead, and by the time we ended we had a pitch for the entire second season, which was pretty interesting.

Dr Graystone was going to invent a magic time-travelling DeLorean, and go back in time to when I was playing Marty McFly… and curiously, in that alternate universe, Michael Fox was playing Dr. Graystone – and Caprica was a big fat hit! — Keep reading




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