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Recent interview with Eric

A recent interview, but definitely not done in the last week or so (no mention of the show getting cancelled):

Were you looking to turn your attention to a TV series before Caprica or were you attracted to the specific material?

I was not looking to do a series at all. I was sent the script and I actually didn’t even read it for a week. Then the maid in my hotel room stole it… I thought that maybe I should read this script if people are stealing it!

And so I read the script and found it compelling, so I decided to meet [with the producers]. They filled me with dreams and hopes and I signed up.

Have those dreams and hopes being fulfilled?

All except one. They said we would do eight-day episodes. It was one of my questions: “Are we going to shoot this in seven days or eight days?” “It’ll be eight-day episodes, I promise.” Seven days. Seven-day episodes! Very different. Grey’s Anatomy is nine or ten days… I’m pushing the buttons of all the executives. [Laughs] – More at Total Sci-Fi Online

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