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Code Name: Emerald is out on DVD today

The film hit theatres in September 1985 and is finally getting a DVD release today, from Warner Archive. You can get the DVD on Amazon. Here is the description:

code name emerald,dvd cover,eric stoltz“Nazi command pulls off what could be a turning point in the war: the capture of an Overlord, one of a handful of U.S. soldiers who knows the location of the impending D-Day invasion. Will German agents be able to make him spill more than name and rank? Not if spy Gus Lang succeeds. He’s an Allied plant in the prison where the Overlord is held, a double agent posing as a Reich sympathizer. His mission: rescue the Overlord. Or failing that, kill him.

Working from his novel, Ronald Bass (Rain Man) scripts a smart, tightly wound spy thriller. Ed Harris portrays Lang, leading a superb cast in step with all the intrigue of this war behind the war, including Max von Sydow, Horst Buchholz, Eric Stoltz and Patrick Stewart.”

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