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Eric on directing Glee

There is recent interview with Eric (from the Newport Beach fest) over at the Orange County Register. He talks about working on Glee. The complete article is here.

Orange County Register: What is it like directing the young cast of ‘Glee’?

Eric Stoltz: It’s fantastic. It’s the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I love directing young actors. Many actors have the experience of not having been directed very often or very well. For the most part, directors are technically proficient and a little bit afraid of the actors. So, having been an actor for a long time, I can see things from their perspective.

Directing is something that I think i’m more suited for. I’m a better director than an actor. I love crews, I love talking to actors. After sitting in the trumpet section for many years, it’s nice to have the whole score in front of you. You can either inspire or not. I’ve spent a great many years in the trenches of independent film. You learn a lot there. Television is actually much closer to the independent film process.

OCR: Tell me something about ‘Glee’ creator Ryan Murphy. How much involvement does he have in each episode?

Stoltz: He’s the man. He isn’t really looking over my shoulder, ’cause he has 14 other things happening at the same time. He certainly stops by the set for an important scene, or when he wants to come down and see what’s happening. He tends to hire people that he trusts.

They know I have survived, and am still passionate about the work. And that carries more weight than any specific job. I really want to make something I can be proud of. The passion and care are more important than the credits.

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