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New event: Grace of My Heart screening & Q&A

eric stoltz,illeana douglas,john turturro,grace of my heartThe Cinefamily (a Los Angeles based “organization of movie lovers devoted to finding and presenting interesting and unusual programs of exceptional, distinctive, weird and wonderful films”) will host an event, An Evening with Allison Anders, on April 16 and they tweet that Eric might show up too.

The event will include a Q&A with Allison Anders and a screening of Grace of My Heart, which she wrote and directed. (She also wrote and directed Things Behind the Sun.) According to Cinefamily’s twitter feed, Illeana Douglas is also expected to be there. Whether or not Eric shows up, sounds like a fun way to spend an evening, if you’re in L.A.

The reason why Eric might not attend is also pretty interesting: Cinefamily tweets that he is shooting a movie. But let’s wait for THR/Variety/other trade publication to confirm.

Some DVD/Blu-ray news for April:

The Rules of Attraction was released on Blu-ray in region 1 a couple of days ago (April 5) and The Prophecy is getting a DVD re-release later this month (April 26). Links to Amazon:

The Rules of Attraction [Blu-ray]
The Prophecy

Rob Roy is out on Blu-ray

Rob Roy was released on Blu-ray earlier this month (Jan. 11). There is a review at Here is their verdict:

rob roy,blu-ray cover,liam neeson,jessica lange“A tale of men in skirts fighting men in wigs, Rob Roy arrives on Blu-ray with a bare-bones US release that offers fans a considerable upgrade over the lousy image that the DVD sported. It is also a great film that has been unfairly judged over the years, and fallen somewhat unfortunately into the shadow of the illustrious Braveheart that swamped it at the box office that same year.

In truth, however, the films are totally different and strike out down paths that attack their subjects with far more diverse attitudes and methods of execution. Rob Roy is a traditional tale that Michael Caton-Jones tells in an Old School fashion, which completely supports the blending of intricate period detail and atmospheric evocation with the rascally nature of the characters flung together in conflict.

The cast are all excellent, but special mention must go to both Tim Roth and Jessica Lange, who find fantastic new depths and traits with which to imbue their, otherwise, stock characters. Neeson is a lumbering giant of battered heroism, yet he is perfectly at home as the principled renegade and you can’t help but be moved by his indomitable will to put right some terrible wrongs.

The lack of extras is unforgivable, mind. MGM have just slipped the release out with nothing … not even a trailer. For a rich and lavish production such as Rob Roy, they have well and truly dropped a great big tartan ball. But it is the film that counts, and this is a beautifully constructed, authentic-looking saga that drips class and character with style to burn. We have a terrific, if unusual villain in Roth’s poncified Archibald Cunningham, and there is a brutality in some respects that well and truly pushes the film out of that picturesque Sunday afternoon costume drama niche. The fighting is wonderfully done too, and, best of all, you really get the sense that you are actually there with that awesome cinematography.”

The Blu-ray is available on Amazon.

Off the Map 1.04 On the Mean Streets of San Miguel – press release

We finally have the title and the air date. From ABC:

OFF THE MAP – “On the Mean Streets of San Miguel” – Mina struggles with her own moral code after learning the true identity of her patient, while Lily learns more about Ben’s past and is tested on her first trip into the city, on “Off the Map,” WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 2 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/MARIO LOPEZ) ED BEGLEY JR., JASON GEORGE, MAMIE GUMMER

There are some photos from the episode at Spoiler TV.

Code Name: Emerald is out on DVD today

The film hit theatres in September 1985 and is finally getting a DVD release today, from Warner Archive. You can get the DVD on Amazon. Here is the description:

code name emerald,dvd cover,eric stoltz“Nazi command pulls off what could be a turning point in the war: the capture of an Overlord, one of a handful of U.S. soldiers who knows the location of the impending D-Day invasion. Will German agents be able to make him spill more than name and rank? Not if spy Gus Lang succeeds. He’s an Allied plant in the prison where the Overlord is held, a double agent posing as a Reich sympathizer. His mission: rescue the Overlord. Or failing that, kill him.

Working from his novel, Ronald Bass (Rain Man) scripts a smart, tightly wound spy thriller. Ed Harris portrays Lang, leading a superb cast in step with all the intrigue of this war behind the war, including Max von Sydow, Horst Buchholz, Eric Stoltz and Patrick Stewart.”

Caprica Season 1.5 DVD out on December 21

caprica dvd,season 1.5,caprica 1.5,dvd coverThe second half of the season will be out on DVD in late December. You can pre-order it on Amazon.

Here is the press release from Universal Studios:

OVERVIEW: The critically acclaimed drama from executive producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick comes to a thrilling climax in “Caprica” Season 1.5. Fifty-eight years before the events of Battlestar Galactica, mankind is wrestling with the question of what makes one human, and sealing its own fate of certain destruction. Alliances are made, secrets are revealed and lives are forever changed while the conflict between man and machine takes shape. As the season races towards its stunning conclusion the seeds are sown for the inevitable, brutal clash between the newly-born Cylon race and its human creators.

“Caprica” Season 1.5 stars Golden Globe®-nominee, Eric Stoltz (Pulp Fiction), Esai Morales (“NYPD Blue”), Paula Malcomson (“Deadwood”), Alessandra Torresani (“Happy Campers”), Magda Apanowicz (“Kyle XY”), Sasha Roiz (“In Plain Sight”), Brian Markinson (“The L Word”) and Polly Walker (Clash of the Titans). Debuting on DVD on December 21, 2010 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment, “Caprica” Season 1.5 features the series’ final five episodes, yet-to-be aired in the U.S., as well as video blogs, podcasts and commentaries.