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Leverage 4.01 The Long Way Down Job

John Rogers on “The Long Way Down Job”

John Rogers (Leverage showrunner) has a new post up on his blog today with tons of info on the season premiere.

eric stoltz,leverageHere is a quote:

We can’t move on from performances without mentioning Eric Stoltz, of course. He’s an old friend of Dean’s, and was super-generous to come in and play the two scenes we needed for Alan Scott. For the episode to work, Alan Scott’s last speech had to be devastating. While filming it, the crew was watching it through the video feed, meaning they saw it from the camera POV. By the end of the first take, people had to leave the set, they were crying so hard. Stoltz had mad chops, yo. As the kids say.

He also sat there and played a corpse, saving us dummy money. We owe him a steak, still, for that.

Plenty more at Kung Fu Monkey.

Leverage preview

eric stoltz,leverageA nice find from Eric Stoltz fans on Facebook: a sneak peek from tomorrow’s episode of Leverage, this time with Eric in it.

You can watch it here.

The episode airs tomorrow at 9 pm on TNT.

Edit — the clip has made it to YouTube:

Unrelated: Film Stalker mentioned Racing Patriots in a recent article about F1 movies. No updates, just this:

This could mark the beginning of a great period of motorsport films, we’ve just seen the Senna documentary and there’s word of a James Hunt biographical film in development with Steven Spielberg’s company at the moment and a loosely connected F1 film called Racing Patriots from Eric Stoltz which will follow three motor racing champions who worked with the French Resistance fighting during World War II.

New TV appearance: Leverage season premiere

leverage season fourOkay, I just went over a bunch of behind-the-scenes clips and promotional photos and there is no sign of Eric in any of them, but Aldis Hodge (who plays the tech guy on Leverage) sort of casually mentioned in an interview that he is in the season four premiere. The episode airs on Sunday, June 26 at 9 pm on TNT. That’s a little over two weeks from now.


BTV: You’d be going over my head there. Getting back to the show, can you tell us anything about the season 4 guest stars?
AH: Sure. Everybody knows by now we’ve got the great Danny Glover in episode 4 and 5. We have Eric Stoltz in episode 1, the premiere. We have Mark Sheppard coming back to revisit Sterling, and that’s going to be pretty awesome. We also have… another guest star coming back… We actually have two guest stars coming back. I don’t know if I can talk about those guys. They’re actually from the first season. They’re coming back in episode 11 or 12, possibly. So for the audiences who like to go back and check the history, that’s going to be really fun for them. — Buddy TV


“The Long Way Down Job” – Sunday, June 26, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT)
To take down a corrupt financier, the LEVERAGE team must recover lost evidence high up on a mountain, racing hired guns and killer weather.

Directed by Dean Devlin
Written by Joe Hortua & John Rogers
Created by John Rogers & Chris Downey — Spoiler TV