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Fort McCoy wins Best Drama at CIFF 2011

fort mccoy,eric stoltzFort McCoy has won the award for Best Drama at the Cannes Independent Film Festival. From

Cannes 2011 showcased lots of great movies, these are the ones our selection committee chose as award winners:

Best Low-Budget Film: JT O’Neal for AU PAIR KANSAS
Best Drama: Kate Connor & Michael Worth for FORT McCOY
Best No-Budget film: Margaret Krause for DATING MIKE
Best Horror / Sci Fi: Kimberly Seilhamer for JACK THE REAPER
Best Documentary: Michael Henry Wilson for RECONCILIATION: MANDELA’S MIRACLE
Best Short Film: Joy Gohring for MENTAL
Best Short Documentary: Peter Wiklund STENBORG (…)

Fort McCoy going to Cannes Independent Film Festival

Fort McCoy has been added to the Cannes Independent Film Festival lineup. It will be screened on Wednesday May 18. For details, go to

Unrelated: I’m not sure if Eric is still attached to direct Racing Patriots, but Oakdale Pictures posted this update on Facebook the other day:

New update!
Pierre Morel is now signed with us to produce!
We are now looking forward to financing through the CNC in France, and moving forward quickly.
Thank you all for your support!
We’ll keep you abreast of the news, as it happens!

Eric on directing Glee

There is recent interview with Eric (from the Newport Beach fest) over at the Orange County Register. He talks about working on Glee. The complete article is here.

Orange County Register: What is it like directing the young cast of ‘Glee’?

Eric Stoltz: It’s fantastic. It’s the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I love directing young actors. Many actors have the experience of not having been directed very often or very well. For the most part, directors are technically proficient and a little bit afraid of the actors. So, having been an actor for a long time, I can see things from their perspective.

Directing is something that I think i’m more suited for. I’m a better director than an actor. I love crews, I love talking to actors. After sitting in the trumpet section for many years, it’s nice to have the whole score in front of you. You can either inspire or not. I’ve spent a great many years in the trenches of independent film. You learn a lot there. Television is actually much closer to the independent film process.

Fort McCoy – Variety review

A new review of Fort McCoy showed up on Variety’s site yesterday. You can read it here.

An old-fashioned, appealingly sentimental drama about homefront life during WWII, “Fort McCoy” could resonate with older ticketbuyers during limited runs in carefully targeted theatrical engagements. It’s clearly a labor of love for scripter, co-director and co-star Kate Connor, who based her screenplay on real-life events involving her mother and grandparents. But this handsomely crafted indie likely won’t reach far below the 40-plus demographic until it launches homevid and cable campaigns.


Fast Times at Ridgemont High gets Blu-ray release date

eric stoltz,fast times at ridgemont high,sean penn,anthony edwardsFast Times at Ridgemont High will be released on Blu-ray this summer. It’s been available for pre-ordering on Amazon for a while now and Universal Studios Home Entertainment has finally given it a definite release date: August 9, 2011.

Here are the Blu-ray details and bonus features, from Universal’s press release:


Academy Award® winner Sean Penn (Milk) stars as the unforgettable Jeff Spicoli in the film that defined the outrageous and bold teen comedy genre, Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Follow a group of Southern California high school students as they explore sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll.

Behind the Glee: Prom Queen

A behind-the-scenes clip from last night’s Glee:

Wilfred update & another Glee teaser

Eric has definitely filmed an episode of Wilfred. Victor Nelli, who has directed several episodes of the show in the last couple of weeks, mentioned working with him on Twitter (link). Since one of those episodes was episode 9 (pic), we probably won’t see Eric’s ep until late August.

In the meantime, here is another sneak peek from Glee: